The Copacabana Palace is synonymous with elegance and marks Rio’s history as an environment of majestic and memorable events. To compose this grandiose project, Thor created book matching pieces combining the beauty, resistance and luxury of Matira and Brilliant Black quartzites, rocks with high level of sophistication equal to this landmark of Brazilian architecture.


Thor technology arrived at one of the largest swimming centers in Russia, the Luzhniki Palace of Water Sports. Luzhniki is a grand sports complex with several leisure areas, ranging from swimming pools to spas for relaxation. All floors in these different environments were covered with Matira, which combines classic tones with the resistance, durability and elegance of quartzites.

Ago/2019 a Abr/2020

The Portobello Hotel is part of one of the largest and most complete resort chains in Brazil and the magnitude of its projects has book matched Cristalita Blanc and Matira . These two stones harmonize perfectly with the luxury of Portobello environments and combine high sophistication, resistance and durability for elegant and surprising results.


Considered the largest metallic building in Brazil, the Concórdia Building is an imposing construction, synonymous with modernity and architectural boldness. Its privileged location in the heart of Minas Gerais has gained even more elegance and personality with the cladding and flooring made out of our Blue Macaúbas quartzite, a beautiful natural rock and recognized for its high refinement, resistance and durability.